Traumatic physiotherapy

Traumatic Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy serves as a method of preventing injuries and muscle discomfort, but, as you may already know, there are several classes. In Anukis we also offer specific sessions of traumatic physiotherapy, which is what we need when we have suffered an injury, whatever the type. The goal of traumatic physiotherapy goes beyond the pain relief provided by any physiotherapy session. In this case, the specialist’s massage will also focus on reducing the inflammation in the area and helping the patient to recover his mobility.

The traumatology physiotherapy sessions that we offer in Anukis, being a prescription medical, will be borne by one of our physiotherapists. Our sessions will help improve mobility and mitigate pain in all types of injuries, from sprains and muscle trauma to dislocations, bone fractures and polytrauma.

What is trauma physiotherapy in Anukis?

First of all, we will need you to tell us what happened to you so that our therapist can develop a session of traumatic physiotherapy that adapts to the injury you suffer, always from the medical diagnosis. In Anukis, our traumatology physiotherapy sessions are fully customized according to the needs of each patient, with the aim of recovering from their lesion safely, solidly and with the least possible pain.

Our team of expert physiotherapists know perfectly all the necessary techniques of traumatic physiotherapy, and will choose those that best suit your needs. In addition to manual therapy, we can use kinesitherapy, kinesiotaping, dry puncture, myofascial induction, muscle bandage, cyriax and electrotherapy when the patient needs it. In addition, Anukis therapists will help you through all kinds of stretching, whether active, passive or resisted, and by proprioceptive exercises.

The rehabilitation

The objective of Anukis trauma physiotherapy is rehabilitation, that is, to help the patient recover the mobility of the affected area so that he can recover his quality of life before the injury. However, do not forget that in Anukis we are experts, in addition to the different kinds of physiotherapy, aesthetics and relaxing massages. If what you are looking for is a treatment or a massage that helps you release the tensions of everyday life and feel totally at peace, you will be in the best hands. Contact Anukis, a magical corner in the center of Barcelona.

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