Sports physiotherapy

Sports physiotherapyAre you an athlete? Whether you are amateur or professional, in Anukis we also have a treatment specially designed for you. In our teams we have expert physiotherapists in different types of physiotherapy, such as corrective and traumatic physiotherapy, but that is not all. In our center of massages, physiotherapy and aesthetics we offer sessions of Sports Physiotherapy specially designed for athletes, professions and sports fans.

It is very common that, when practicing sports, whatever you have chosen, at some point you suffer an injury. The sport has endless advantages and there is no doubt that it makes us feel much better, but it is relatively easy for us to hurt ourselves by making a bad gesture, or by repeating series of exercises in the wrong way. For example, a common mistake is no

Do strength with the abdominals while doing some exercises, something that ends up suffering the lower back. Obviously, the solution is to learn to perform any exercise, sport or gesture in the right way, so that we do not suffer pain later. However, learning it sometimes is not so simple, especially when we are used to doing it in a certain way and muscular memory plays a trick on us.

If you suffer constant and annoying pains, other than stomachaches, you may have hurt yourself while exercising. Don’t worry: it has a solution, and that solution is Anukis sports physiotherapy.

What is Anukis Sports Physiotherapy?

Sports physiotherapy deals with injuries of the musculoskeletal system and the pathologies that athletes suffer, whether professional or amateur, as a result of practicing sports. It also has a rehabilitation objective that it shares with traumatological physiotherapy, that is, it seeks to shorten the time it takes to recover from an injury.

The Anukis physiotherapists work with all kinds of techniques to improve the state of the muscles and bones, from massages, stretching and other manipulative techniques to thermotherapy, electrotherapy, application of cold and heat, kinesiology or functional bandages. They will not focus only on the affected area, but will work with your entire body to improve your health and well-being. With our sports physiotherapy sessions, in addition to recovering as soon as possible and in a solid and safe way, you can also prevent future injuries.

It is an essential treatment for athletes. If you think you need one or more sessions of sports physiotherapy, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to receive you and help you.

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