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Sounds good, right? This massage that we offer in Anukis, has a name of promise … And what you will get from the Pure Relax massage is exactly what its name indicates. It is the most relaxing massage of all we offer, especially designed so that all your worries stay at the door of the room when you enter … And have disappeared when you return home.

If what you are looking for in a massage is to get a feeling of total relaxation and well-being, this treatment is for you. In Anukis we are experts in making you feel better, and our Puro Relax massage is one of the most enjoyed by our customers.

  • 30 min 50 €
  • 45 min 60 €
  • 60 min 70 €
  • 90 min 105 €

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¿En qué consiste el masaje Puro Relax?

Anukis Pure Relax Massage is our flagship anti-stress treatment. Anukis masseuses will focus on the types of movements that directly tone the central nervous system through gentle stretching. This is only one part of the massage: the other key is in the specific pressures that are performed on the so-called Zen lines. In this way, in addition to the relief of pain due to fatigue and tension provided by any of the massages we offer at Anukis, you will reach a state of total relaxation.

And this relaxation will not stay on the table, since its effects remain much longer than the time the session lasts. The following days you will be much more relaxed and you will notice that you sleep much better. The complete well-being provided by our Pure Relax massage also translates into a reduction in back pain and other discomforts resulting from day-to-day stress, which, although we may not notice it, accumulate in our muscles.

The key? In addition to applying pressure to these Zen lines, which are essential to achieve this state of relaxation, our therapists will relax you with a delicate yet firm massage, which in addition to improving the condition of the muscles will calm your mind and your energy.

You can choose between four sessions of different duration. The shortest one is 30 minutes for 50 euros, and then you have the option of enjoying a Pure Relax massage of 45 minutes for 60 euros, 60 minutes for 70 euros or 90 minutes for 105 euros. You can choose the one you prefer, but we guarantee you’ll want to repeat!

What are you waiting for? We’re waiting for you at Anukis with our Pure Relax massage!

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