Pilates in Barcelona





Class designed to teach the basic principles of Pilates: breathing, stabilization of the pelvis and stabilization of the shoulders. It is a very good practice for those who have no previous experience in Pilates, or those who have never worked on the core of the body.

Pilates Pre and Post Partum

You can do pilates during pregnancy and after delivery. Since Pilates does not put any pressure on the joints, it is a completely safe way to exercise and help the body maintain the strength it needs physically during this period.

Pilates Posture

pilates position

Class designed for those who want to improve their posture, as well as relieve their back, shoulder and neck pain. This class is aimed at intermediate level practitioners and it is advisable to have attended 4 beginner classes before signing up for a class of this level.

Toning Pilates

Class designed to speed up the heart rate and burn fat. This class combines a mix of body toning exercises and Pilates techniques. Classes may include special equipment.


Practicing and developing the techniques and exercises learned in the beginner’s classes. A challenging class at both the physical and mental levels.

Outdoor Pilates for all levels, a very complete practice.

The desired exercises to improve your general health, lose weight and become stronger both physically and mentally.

The classes desired to help you achieve your goals, no matter if you are looking for a more toned figure, a stronger back or less neck pain.

Pilates Classes in Barcelona with Anukis

At Anukis, your massage, physiotherapy and beauty center in Barcelona, our goal is your physical and mental well-being. That’s why we are experts in relaxing massages and great fans of Pilates, which is much more than just sport: it combines exercises that strengthen and balance the body and make it more flexible with breathing, so that it improves physical condition and feeds the spirit. How? By teaching you to manage stress and emotions. Considering all these benefits, how could we not offer Pilates at Anukis?

Pilates Classes in Barcelona with Anukis

As we have already said, at Anukis we are great advocates of the many advantages Pilates has, so we offer different classes to suit your needs, whatever they may be. They are the following:

  • Pilates for beginners: Pilates is not difficult, but it is important to learn to perform the postures correctly to avoid injuries. That is why we have these special classes for beginners in which we will work especially on stabilizing the shoulders and pelvis and breathing.
  • Pre and Post Partum Pilates: Pilates is super beneficial during pregnancy, as well as being very safe. Sedentariness is not at all recommended when you are expecting a baby, and there is no better exercise than Pilates to strengthen the body without putting pressure on the joints.
  • Postural Pilates: Do you have postural problems? In addition to our corrective physiotherapy sessions, with the Pilates postural classes you will learn to correct those bad postures that cause pain in the neck, back and shoulders.
  • Toning Pilates: This is the most energetic Pilates of all those offered by Anukis, ideal for those who want to tone their muscles and burn fat.
  • Therapeutic Pilates: In addition to all the benefits of Pilates, the therapeutic version helps you to heal existing injuries and also to prevent them.

    The Pilates classes we offer at Anukis can be individual or in groups. We always recommend that your first contact with Pilates is in an individual class, so that we can evaluate your postures and movements and draw up a personalized exercise plan. This evaluation is free of charge and will take place just before your first private class. Remember to book at least one more hour!

    If you want to benefit from all the advantages of Pilates, Anukis is the best option. In addition, you will have at your fingertips the varied offer of massages and beauty treatments that we offer, to give you a prize after your exercise. We are waiting for you!

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