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Physiotherapy in Anukis

Although in Anukis we are experts in relaxing massages that make you feel better than ever, we also offer services specifically designed to relieve muscle aches and contractures suffered by the most athletes. If you need a physiotherapy session to solve problems of this type, you have arrived at the right place!

Physiotherapy may be necessary not only when we recover from an accident or major injury, but also when we have postural problems or when we play sports. It is easy to hurt yourself when we play sports, especially if we don’t do it professionally. A bad gesture or doing series of exercises with repetitions in the wrong way may be enough for our muscles to suffer.

What is the physiotherapy treatment in Anukis?

Physiotherapy is a method used to heal physical injuries that can cause us bad postures or bad movements when we do sports, be it of any kind. It is normal to feel some muscle pain after exercising: this indicates that we have really made an effort and that the muscles have worked. However, the pain that does not subside as the days go by is an indication that something is wrong. Normally, the best way to cure them is physiotherapy, which is also the recommended medical treatment for rehabilitation after bone or muscle trauma.


Through a set of corrective massage techniques, our physiotherapists will improve the state of your muscles and, consequently, also your quality of life. The care of the muscles and the body is essential, whether you are fond of sports or if you are not. Physiotherapy not only helps to heal injuries, but also helps prevent them, as it improves the functioning of the musculoskeletal system. In addition, it is not necessary to do sports to suffer an injury: the bad postures that we adopt when working in front of the computer or even when looking at the mobile phone wreak havoc on our muscles.


In Anukis we offer different types of physiotherapy, among which are corrective physiotherapy, sports physiotherapy and traumatic physiotherapy, which focus on the different origins that you may have the discomfort you feel. If you think you need this type of treatment, do not hesitate to call us: we will recommend the physiotherapy session that best suits your needs.


Anukis is a magical corner located in the center of Barcelona where we are experts in the external care of the body in all its aspects: we offer relaxing massages of all kinds, physiotherapy and aesthetic treatments. Come and meet us and pamper your body a little. We are looking forward to helping you!

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