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Weight reduction

If your goal is to lose weight, or lose fat without losing lean mass, this is the training plan for you.

Muscle hypertrophy

If your goal is to improve your health or athletic performance, this is the training for you.


If you need to motivate yourself to train and get fit, or want a flexible schedule, this is the training for you.


A training plan to enhance your talent and performance, reaching all your goals.

Dipl. Martin Muchut
My name is Martin Muchut Personal Trainer, I've been in the sector for more than 10 years helping people like you achieve your goals. Tell me what your sports goals are and together we can achieve it!

Meet your goals

The best for you


Trust me, dare and get the body you have always wanted in addition to improving your health. Let’s go there!

Weight reduction

If your goal is to reduce body fat and weight, this is the perfect training plan for you!

Fully adapted to your needs, the training will be of medium intensity, as well as work and increase the metabolic rate.

Muscle Hypertrophy

It is one of the most important physical qualities to improve in the field of sports and health. Both preventive, performance and psychological.

At Anukis Massage Center, we will help you to correctly execute the exercises, prevent injuries and muscle aches.

Initial level

Are you one of the people who find it hard to get trained or work obligations prevent you? We can comment to train together in a fun, dynamic and safe way.

We will improve the quality of life by doing what you have always wanted, and in a very fast way to improve emotional and body well-being.


Do you need a coach? We will take care of enhancing your talent and resources to improve and grow your performance, through an action plan with the objectives you intend to achieve.

We will improve your quality of life, manage your emotions, as well as reduce stress and anxiety thanks to the guidelines of our personal trainers.


They consist of dynamic, fun and varied sessions. Always through exercises tailored to the needs, and personalized choice, for each person.

The duration of the sessions is one hour. It has been shown that performing exercises over the course of an hour is sufficient to achieve weight loss and weight loss goals.

It is advisable to perform this type of training sessions 3 times a week. With this routine you will get results in record time.

However, there are different combinations for the development of the personal training program, and it is that in our center we adapt to all kinds of circumstances, so do not even think that you will not have time!

Any space is valid for your personal training. Whether in our Anukis center, in your GYM or outdoors, any place is perfect to get in shape with our personalized sessions.

You can check with our professionals to obtain more detailed information about the availability and flexibility of traveling around Barcelona.

Yes, it includes nutritional advice.

In a period of 3 to 6 weeks, you will notice more than surprising results, as long as you follow all the guidelines stipulated in the sessions and personal training.

A Personal Trainer? For what?

How long have you paid the gym fee … and you don’t go? Do not feel too guilty, you are not the only one. Getting used to sports is not easy when you do not have the habit, and we often lack consistency when we try to get in shape on our own. In Anukis we are aware of this, and that is why we have the services of a personal trainer.

Get in shape with in Anukis with our personal trainer!

What do the sessions with the Anukis personal trainer consist of? Well, first of all, you will have to tell him what are the objectives you want to achieve so that together you can develop an action plan with which to move forward without haste, but without pause. Constancy is the most important thing!

The personal trainer will focus on the following issues, but remember that the plan will be personalized. If you want to work something else, you just have to say it!

  • Initial level: If you have trouble playing sports or have many obligations, Anukis personal trainer is your best option. You will find a way to design a training plan tailored to your needs, which suits your schedules and your needs … and even has fun!
  • Weight reduction: It is one of the main reasons that throws our clients into the arms of the personal trainer, so in Anukis we are experts in offering you a personalized plan that will help you eliminate fat without losing muscle mass.
  • Muscle hypertrophy: If you have led a somewhat sedentary lifestyle, you may have certain problems when exercising. Do not worry: with our personal trainer you will learn to execute all the exercises correctly to avoid any injury and gradually you will get in shape.
  • Coaching: Sport is also very beneficial for the spirit, so Anukis personal trainer can also be your coach. In addition to helping you improve your performance, it will help you with the management of emotions and self-esteem.
  • In Anukis we have the services of the graduate Martin Muchut, who has been working in this sector for more than ten years. It is the best option to get that body that you have always wanted to have.

Are you ready to start training? Your personal trainer is waiting for you in Anukis. Also, remember that in our same facilities you can have access to those awards you deserve for your commitment and your constancy: we refer, of course, to the wide range of massages we offer and to our relaxing beauty treatments.

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