Massages for Couples


Enjoying activities as a couple is something very beneficial for the relationship. From spending a day in some city, sharing a hobby, or one of the most pleasant activities … relax two two at a time. It is here that the idea of ​​couples massages is born.


Performing this type of activities as a couple, allows strength and well-being with both yourself and your partner.

Sounds good, right? We advise to share these little moments of pleasure to be, every day, more unique than ever.

  • 60 min 140€
  • 90 min 210€
  • 120 min 260€

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Couple's massage in Barcelona

Couple’s massage in Barcelona, also known as Ying-Yang, is one of our many advantages.  In our centre we have everything you need, so that you and your partner can enjoy a relaxing massage.

We are characterized by our beautiful double cabin, in which two massages can be carried out at the same time, that is to say it is suitable to carry out the massages in couple. This is accompanied by the comfort of the decoration and, especially, to find the maximum comfort and relaxation possible in the company of your partner, family or friends.

Our special massage for couples, is created to balance and harmonize their energies.  In this treatment, you will enjoy a long massage that masterfully combines the best techniques of the different massages of the Orient. The two therapists will synchronize the movements, achieving a total connection of sensations between the couple.

A massage that aims to equal the harmonic feeling and energy of two who receive the same synchronized massage, feeling as if it were a single experience.

So if you are thinking of having a facial and you still haven’t decided, you can contact us on +34 604 41 78 65 or +34 933 49 70 68 and we will solve all your doubts. Don’t think twice and call us!

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