Lymphatic drainage

lymphatic drainage massage

In Anukis we are experts in making you feel good. We take care of the well-being of your body and your spirit through our wide range of massages and treatments. Among all the massages we offer, you will find several types: from exotic to super relaxing, going through what we call therapeutic massages, such as lymphatic drainage.

The objective of Anukis therapeutic massages is to cure small lesions, improve circulation and accelerate tissue regeneration and healing. One of them is sports massage, especially dedicated to those who suffer injuries and contractures after exercising, and the other is the one that concerns us in these lines: lymphatic drainage or manual lymphatic drainage, one of the Anukis specialties.

  • 45 min 60 €
  • 60 min 70 €

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What is Anukis' lymphatic drainage?

Manual lymph drainage is a gentle, slow, repetitive type of massage that helps eliminate fluids and toxins. It promotes circulation and helps those who suffer from fluid retention, but its benefits do not end there. Did you know that the lymphatic system is closely related to the immune system? That’s why treatments such as Anukis lymphatic drainage, in addition to fulfilling its basic function, contribute greatly to the general well-being and good condition of the nervous system.

The gentle pressure that your Anukis therapist will apply will improve the circulation of the lymph, which is the substance that circulates in the lymphatic system. In this liquid, our body carries substances such as proteins, and also liquids that our body does not need. By means of lymphatic drainage, the elimination of these substances that we do not need is promoted.

This type of massage is highly recommended if you suffer from fluid retention, but also if you have recently undergone cosmetic surgery. After this type of intervention, lymphatic drainage goes very well so that the tissues heal more quickly and to avoid edemas. It also helps to reduce pain and swelling.

This gentle massage is an excellent option to improve your health. Keep in mind that many times we retain liquids even though we don’t realize it, and lymphatic drainage is very effective in solving this. We offer two types of sessions of different lengths: one of 45 minutes for 60 euros and one of 60 minutes for 70 euros.

What are you waiting for? Book your lymphatic drainage at Anukis, we look forward to welcoming you and helping you!

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