Lomi-Lomi Massage (Hawaiian)


Surely you already know many types of massages: aromatic, oriental, Thai … But have you ever heard of Lomi Lomi massage or Hawaiian massage? It is a wonderful technique that is not offered in many places, but in which here in Anukis, a magical corner in the center of Barcelona, ​​we are experts.

The Lomi Lomi (Hawaiian) massage is a very particular massage that combines a delicate manual technique with breathing (ha), prayer (polishing) and energy (mana). In addition, oils with natural essences are also used to multiply their effects. This type of massage has many benefits: although it is famous above all for its calming properties, you will not only get a feeling of well-being: it relieves tiredness of the muscles, teaches them to rest and stimulates circulation. In addition, it has been shown to help prevent some injuries and also heal them.

  • 45 min 60 €
  • 60 min 70 €
  • 90 min 105 €

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What is the Lomi Lomi (Hawaiian) massage at Anukis?

As we have said before, the Lomi Lomi or Hawaiian massage uses a delicate and tremendously pleasant manual technique. The movements that our masseuses will perform are delicate as well as deep and powerful, and they are also rhythmic, so that they help you release the accumulated tensions in the body and the hardened areas in a pleasant and not at all painful way. To do this, the masseuse uses her thumbs and knuckles, but also her elbows and forearms. It is a very studied and specific technique.

Another key to the Lomi Lomi (Hawaiian) massage we offer at Anukis is the muscle stretching it includes. Their firmness makes them perhaps less delicate than the rest of the pleasant movements of this massage, but they are equally pleasant and harmonious, and contribute greatly to the incredible sensation of well-being you will feel at the end of the session. You will surely want to repeat!

You can choose the duration of your session, 45, 60 or 90 minutes, whose prices are, respectively, 50, 70 and 105 euros. As you can see, we offer sessions of one and a half hours, because our clients ask for it. The Lomi Lomi (Hawaiian) massage is already one of the most popular among all the types of massages we offer at Anukis, and it is gaining more and more followers every day. What are you waiting for to try it out? If you think it’s not your thing, don’t worry, because in our massage center we also offer many other types of treatments. You’re sure to find the right one for you!

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