Facial treatment

Facial treatment

Facial treatments are practical for obtaining well-being, health and relaxation in the face. There are many techniques that are used to give a good facial treatment, and provide all the benefits that can be extracted from them.

Normalmente se consideran diferentes tratamientos faciales dentro del sector wellness, la salud, la terapia como tal o la personalización de los tratamientos según el tipo de piel y las necesidades requeridas por las que se lleva a cabo el tratamiento facial.

El Alma Aromático es un masaje clásico, relajante y suave, que se basa en el uso de aceites esenciales. Los aceites esenciales son productos provenientes de tejidos naturales que son intensamente aromáticos y se caracterizan por ser bastante ligeros, no grasos e insolubles en agua. Entre sus numerosas aplicaciones destaca la aromaterapia o el sector de la perfumería.

Estos aceites tienen tienen propiedades beneficiosas para el cuerpo y la mente, capaces de aportar lo necesario para conseguir el bienestar y el relax deseado.

  • 60 min 80 €

    Excellence Anti Age

  • 60 min 70 €

    For Men's Skin (energizing treatment, protection, comfort freshness)

  • 60 min 70 €

    Treatment for every skin type

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Other massages:

Body Warp

from 70 €

Body Scrub

from 70 €

Choco Therapy

up to 70€

Skin Types
  • Sensitive Blue

    Prevents/calms sensitive skin reactions

  • Regul Oil

    Regulates/standards/balances gloss and impurities

  • Total Hydrating

    Hydraulic double action/repair

  • New Even


Why undergo a facial treatment?

Facial treatments are ideal for treating the elimination of wrinkles, skin furrows or any other type of facial problem, which is not merely aesthetic.

This type of process helps to hydrate and nourish the skin, in addition to supporting the elimination of facial flaccidity, pain relief, or acne treatment among other reasons.

As it is well known, there are many types of facial treatments, always depending on the type of needs that are required, but all of them always effective for the purpose for which they are performed.

Anukis Massage facial treatment

At Anukis Massage you can enjoy this type of treatment. We know what you need, so for each type of skin, different treatment processes must be carried out to get the best out of them.

In our center, you can discover this type of treatment, which includes facial hygiene, toning, application of active ingredients according to the treatment, hydration and facial, head and shoulder massage.

All facial treatments performed at Anukis Massage use products of excellent quality. The Anubis Barcelona brand is the main supplier of the products that we use in the center to give the best to our clients.

A relaxing experience that will change your expression. Relax in our hands.

So if you are thinking about having a facial treatment and you still haven’t decided, you can contact us at +34 604 41 78 65 or +34 933 49 70 68 and we will solve all your doubts. Don’t think twice and call us.

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