Corrective physiotherapy in Anukis

Corrective physiotherapy

Do you start to feel pain in your neck when you have been in front of the computer for a while? Do your lower back hurts after working on your feet all day? You are not alone: ​​the problems derived from bad postures are becoming more frequent. However, although we usually give less importance than an injury, correcting bad postures can be very complicated, since our body is used to adopting them and this can be very difficult to change. In Anukis, your massage, physiotherapy and aesthetic center in Barcelona, ​​we are aware that these problems are becoming more frequent and that is why we offer specific corrective physiotherapy sessions.

With corrective physiotherapy, which is sometimes also called corrective gymnastics, we can all learn to correct those bad postures that, little by little and without us noticing, cause us repetitive and growing pains that make our lives more hard. Read on if you want to know the advantages of corrective physiotherapy sessions in Anukis!

What are our corrective physiotherapy sessions?

In Anukis we have a team of expert physiotherapists who know the relationship between postural problems, body and mind. In a corrective physiotherapy session, we will help you relieve pain and discomfort through manual massages that will improve the condition of your muscles and eliminate knots and tensions. But this is not all!

The pain derived from postural problems is greatly relieved by a massage, but it is necessary to go a little further. Therefore, in Anukis we will teach you postural reeducation exercises in which you will work on strength, flexibility and something very important to which many times we do not pay enough attention: breathing.

Postural reeducation exercises will help you correct those bad postures and improve the alignment of your body, and also relax. With the control of emotions that you learn through breathing exercises, little by little, your muscles will also begin to relax and those tensions will disappear.

Unfortunately, we cannot stop working, so it is essential that we take care of our muscles and learn to adopt positions that do not harm us. In the Anukis corrective physiotherapy sessions we will help you correct your movements and relieve the pain you already suffer. In Anukis, a magical corner located in the center of Barcelona, ​​we are looking forward to helping you. Contact us!

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