Choco Therapy

Massage Chocotherapy

Chocolate therapy is a naturopathic technique that can be performed through a massage. This is the most sensitive massage and, without doubt, the most exquisite of all that Anukis Massage has in its catalog.

You will discover new ways to stimulate your body from different and novel perspectives, beneficial for your well-being, both physical and emotional.

Anukis Massage Choco Therapy massage will allow you to feel the pleasure of each caress of the professionals of our center. Together with a cocoa and cinnamon oil mousse, this massage has a nourishing and skin embellishing effect that will give you everything you need for relaxation.

Warm chocolate oil is applied by gentle massage. Once applied, rest for a few minutes and then continue with this massage treatment. Once finished, a peel and choco wrap will be applied.

Optionally, the therapy ends with a toning shower that, in addition to activating the person, helps eliminate the remains of chocolate.

  • 60 min 70 €
  • 90 min 105 €

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What is Anukis' chocolate massage?

It is well known that chocolate, more specifically cocoa, is a delicious food, and apart from being naturopathic, it offers many benefits in its chocolate therapy treatments and cocoa massages, such as the one we do in our centre.

In these treatments, chocolate is used as the main source of improvement and absorption of the conductive properties for the improvement of skin health, providing everything necessary for physical, mental and emotional well-being.

But… Do you know what the advantages of undergoing Choco Therapy, or chocolate massage, are?

There are multiple advantages of this treatment, but what we can focus on is that the chocolate that is applied to the skin, and the subsequent massage that is performed helps:

What did you think of the chocolate massage? If you have any questions about this treatment, we will be happy to assist you on +34 604 41 78 65 or +34 933 49 70 68. Don’t think twice and call us!

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