Body Wrap

The Body Wrap beauty treatment consists of a deep work of hydration of the skin, for its care and welfare.

This method of body care consists of wrapping, in a delicate and careful way, the whole body with natural products, using them at the right temperature to make the skin pores open. Effect that will receive the benefits of purification, hydration and softness in the skin.

After this step, a combination of essential oils will be applied on the skin of the body that will deeply moisturize it.

There is no better feeling than new experiences through the use of oils and natural products, combined with the indicated relaxation and beauty treatments.

  • 60 min 65 €

    Body Moisture Wrap

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Types of body wrap treatments

If you’re looking for the perfect supply of vitamins to prevent and delay skin aging, you’ve come to the right place. Anukis Fruitherapy is the perfect treatment for your body skin.

Known for its natural anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, this type of beauty method reduces the effects of aging, gently moisturizes the skin and leaves the skin bright and fresh.

Made with natural products, finding the best of sensations, this type of treatment is perfect for those who care for the passage of time, and the marks it leaves on the skin.

Anukis’ Choco White and Green Trea oxygenates the skin tissues, increasing the vitality and luminosity of the skin, preventing the formation of free radicals, together with the appropriate skin care.

It has a sweet and romantic aroma, which helps to relax the mind, calm stress and, thanks to its properties, softens and moisturizes even the most sensitive skin.

It is the perfect combination to know what it takes to find the balance between body and mind thanks to this type of treatment.

Anukis Vanilla & Cinnamon is a treatment that is capable of having a delicious aroma that evokes the Far East and makes it a pleasure for the skin.

This method has the perfect combination between cinnamon and vanilla, helping to moisturize the skin of the body and getting the necessary relaxation to enjoy the beauty treatment.

Learn how to take care of yourself and your body’s well-being thanks to the properties of this type of treatment.

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