Body scrub

Body scrub

The Body Scrub is one of the beauty treatments performed at Anukis.  Our therapists deeply cleanse the skin all over the body combining a deep purification and a relaxing experience.

A generous combination of essential oils is then applied to the skin of the body to moisturize and pamper the entire body.

For a greater experience in Anukis beauty treatments, natural products, manufactured by experts in ayurveda and aromatherapy, from Asia are used.  The use of these give a feeling of unparalleled well-being, finding the balance between body and mind, to take care of you.

Inimitable proposal to enjoy and take care of the body for those who do not have much time.

  • 50 min 45 €

    Body Peeling + Hydration

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Types of body scrub treatments

If you are looking for a beauty treatment based on natural elements, Lemon Peeling Salt is your best option.

The perfect combination of sea salts and soft emollient oils, enriched with vitamin E.
It provides an even skin tone, improving rough and dry areas, resulting in a luminous, soft and smooth skin.

It helps to relax the mind, calm stress and, thanks to its properties, softens and moisturizes even the most sensitive skin.

Enjoy and take care of yourself in just one session of relaxation and beauty with Anukis.

Anukis Green Tea treatment consists of an exfoliant with green tea leaves and micronized fruit seeds.

In addition, it is the perfect antioxidant, stimulant, nourishing and regenerating that renews and smoothes the skin. It is the best choice to take care of your beauty and your skin.

Its natural anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties reduce the effects of aging, gently moisturizing the skin and leaving it bright and fresh.

You will never know what a green tea beauty treatment can offer you until you try it, so come and enjoy it.

At Anukis we know what kind of treatments are perfect for sculpting and working the body, and Vanilla and Cinnamon is one of them.

This method is ideal for teleportation to other distant lands, and to enjoy a delicious aroma that evokes the Far East, making the experience a pleasure for the skin.

The combination of the aphrodisiac cinnamon and sweet vanilla, helps to hydrate the skin of the body through skin care, and the body relaxation that this beauty treatment provides.

A true pleasure for the senses that leaves no one indifferent.

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