Get the best of you with the different facial and body beauty treatments, respecting the oriental philosophy and using products of the renowned professional cosmetics firm Anubis Barcelona.

Facial and body beauty treatments

At Anukis Massages, we are moved by the commitment to the welfare of our customers. We perform each beauty treatment are very high, and we rely only on the best massage professionals, as well as the best products that will maximize the benefits of each treatment to restore maximum splendor to your skin.

Each of the massages that constitute our wide range of services are designed to meet the needs of any type of skin and body. Bet on our different facial and body beauty treatments, which respect Eastern philosophy, and for those of us who trust the demanding products of Anubis Barcelona, ​​one of the best professional cosmetics firms with more than 30 years of experience.

Effective beauty treatments with massage.

A facial beauty treatment that eliminates wrinkles and expression marks? If so, you can trust us. Imagine silky while energetic hands running all over your face and influencing the critical points that must be worked to ensure a rejuvenated and radiant skin. You will feel your skin as new, and the feeling of relaxation will not be the same.

Say goodbye to the effects of stress and worries on your face.

Do you want to tone your whole body and improve your mood? With the full body massage we offer you body beauty treatments to activate the metabolism, work specific points of the body where the effects of stress can accumulate, and even, with our massages you can say goodbye forever to certain pains.

With a body scrub or body wrap, you will be giving your skin a treatment that will help you regain the look that you enjoyed in your best time. Exfoliation, hydration, purification … We have everything you need.

What to expect to start pampering yourself as you really deserve? Come visit us at our massage and wellness center in Barcelona and book your beauty treatment as soon as possible.

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