Asian Head


The Asian Head of Anukis Massages, is a massage focused on the relaxing work of the face, scalp and neck.

It is an ancestral massage technique from India and is also known as shirodhara massage. It has been practiced for thousands of years for its many benefits. It arose for mothers who applied oils to their daughters’ long hair. The goal, originally, was to make the hair brighter, while serving to share a moment of mother-daughter union.

Today, this massage has become popular and is one of the best massages in Barcelona that you can find. It is indicated, especially, to release tensions, balance emotions and relax your body expression to improve the overall well-being of your body.

We must bear in mind that, due to the pace of life we ​​lead, we accumulate tension in the face and cranial area. We are not aware of this but these stress points can lead to difficulties falling asleep or staying relaxed at night.

  • 30 min 50 €

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Benefits of a head massage

The virtues of this massage are multiple and vary according to the physical and mental state of the person receiving the massage. Therefore, the head massage relieves accumulated tension, especially after a difficult day, but also improves the quality of sleep, or is especially recommended to relieve headaches and eyes.

It also promotes concentration and has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system. It is specially designed to reduce stress in the areas most prone to accumulate more tension in the face, eliminating the pain and discomfort that body stiffness can cause.

To improve the development of the massage, the Asian Head is made with essential oils, which have beneficial properties for body and mind. These oils come from natural tissues and have a large number of natural substances very beneficial to our entire body. And now you can enjoy all these benefits thanks to the relaxing head massage.

With this massage you will discover accumulated tension points that you never thought would help you get rid of routine stress.

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