About us

Anukis, a magical corner in the center of Barcelona

Life in a big city like Barcelona can be very stressful, and, little by little, the tensions of daily life accumulate in our bodies. Muscles begin to ache, to lose flexibility, and these pains grow every day. Bad postures, insomnia … All that makes life more difficult, but in Anukis we are looking forward to making it easier for you. We are a massage, physiotherapy and aesthetic center located in the center of Barcelona and specialized in wellness and relaxation. Don’t you think it’s time to pamper yourself a little?

Our team

Our professionals, specialized in each sector, and extensive professional career, work on all areas of the body, energy, physical and spiritual, making each therapy an unforgettable moment.

What will you find in Anukis?

In Anukis we offer many different services, all of them aimed at improving your well-being, your physical and mental state. We can divide them into several categories:

As you can see, in Anukis there are many services for the well-being and relaxation we offer

You can choose from 47 different treatments!

 We have the expert hands of 10 masseuses and 10 trainers, and in our facilities there are 12 different rooms set to detail. In addition to massages and treatments, you can enjoy a very careful atmosphere in cleaning, aromas and lighting to make your experience in Anukis as relaxing as possible. If we say that we are a magical corner in the center of Barcelona, ​​it is for something! What are you waiting for? Contact us and abandon yourself to the pleasure of the senses in Anukis.

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