Anukis massage center
Massage, physiotherapy and aesthetic center, a magical corner in the center of Barcelona.
Anukis massage center

Massage, physiotherapy and aesthetic center.

A magical place in the center of Barcelona.


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If you need a place to relax and experience new and pleasant sensations, Anukis is the best Massage Center in Barcelona you can find. We offer all kinds of therapies and massages designed exclusively to improve your physical and mental well-being. One of the advantages of living in Barcelona is the wide range of services of all kinds. This is undoubtedly something very positive, but it has the disadvantage that sometimes, precisely because of the large number of options, it is difficult to find the most suitable for you.

Sometimes it is imperative that we dedicate ourselves to ourselves for a little while and that we worry about the well-being of our body. We only have one!

Enjoy the best massage in Barcelona

What kind of massage are you looking for ?: Oriental back massage? Reflexology? Thai massage? Lymphatic drainage?… You can find all this and much more in our massage, physiotherapy and aesthetic center in Barcelona.

Anukis Massage is a magical corner in the center of Barcelona, ​​and we guarantee that you will leave our facilities much more relaxed and happy than when you entered.

Thanks to our team of expert masseurs we will transport you to a dimension of relaxation and calm that you cannot imagine.

The sweet and suggestive atmospheres of our massage rooms will help you forget all your worries and abandon yourself completely for a little while of pure hedonism. Massages, caresses, oils and aromas with which you can delight in the therapy you choose.

In addition, among our services you will also find specific treatments for athletes, such as physiotherapy or Pilates classes both private and group, and beauty treatments. In addition to leaving totally relaxed and prepared to face everything that life throws at you … we can leave you beautiful!

What are you waiting for to visit Anukis, your massage center in Barcelona? Check the services we offer or call us to advise you on which treatment is best for you.

We want to assist you as you deserve!


Anukis is your massage center in Barcelona for health and wellness treatments. Enjoy the best relaxing massages, our physical therapists and personal trainers, or get beautiful with our beauty treatments.

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